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is a Plzeň Tourist Information Website.

Find things to do in Pilsen, including attractions and sightseeing, what's going on around the City, check Plzeň events calendar, recommended restaurants, pubs, Pilsen hotels and apartments.

Plan your visit to Plzeň, the gateway to Western Czechia, taste Pilsner beer, enjoy Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour, download travel guides and spend an incredible time in the City of Pilsen, European Capital of Culture 2015.

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Plzeň Czech Republic

Plzen is one of the largest cities in the Czech Republic. Explore Plzeň City: the place where Pilsner beer was born, the City with numerous cultural events, interesting history and low prices. The City, where tourists are still welcome.

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Pilsner Brewery Tour

Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour: Plzeň is the hometown of the world famous Pilsner Urquell beer. During your visit to Plzeň you can visit Pilsner Urquell Brewery and taste this beer.

Pilsner Beer: all you need to know about Pilsner Lager beer

Hotels in Plzeň

Accommodation in Plzeň Czech Republic: Looking for a budget stay or a luxury hotel? We recommend for you a wide range of options including various hotels, apartments, hostels & camping sites across all price levels. Book your hotel in Plzeň now.

Where to eat in Plzeň

Plzeň restaurants guide: Would you like to try typical Czech Cuisine such as Vepřo knedlo zelo Roast pork (vepřová) with bread dumplings (knedlíky) and stewed cabbage (or sauerkraut/zelí) or Svíčková (similar to Sauerbraten)? Or do you prefer international food? Are you looking for Vegetarian or Vegan options? Find where to eat and drink in Plzeň.

Best Plzen Cafes for coffee & cake

Plzeň Guides and Maps

Download the free Plzeň Travel Guide: Start planning your stay in Plzen with our full-color PDF Guide featuring helpful information on: main attractions, where to eat and stay, necessary emergency contacts & other helpful information. Grab your eGuide now.


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City Attractions Map of Plzeň

Pilsen (Plzeň) Czech Republic: City Tourist PDF Map

The Tourist Map (pdf) of Plzeň City Center features all major city attractions plus the map key contains descriptions in the Czech, English and German languages. It can easily be printed in either A4 or A3 formats or simply downloaded to your mobile device (subject to user internet connectivity). Download the walking tour PDF map of Pilsen Czech Republic.

Plzeň Czech Republic on the map

Plzeň is situated in western part of Bohemia, almost in the heart of Europe: just one hour driving
to southwest from Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

Discover Plzeň Region

Pilsen region bears the touch of baroque, you will find spa towns, monasteries, Czech castles and nice countryside including rivers, lakes and hills just a few minutes driving from Pilsen. Discover, what the region has to offer near Plzeň, find ideas for one day trips.

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