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The easiest parking in Pilsen Czech Republic

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Are you coming to Plzeň by a car? Would you like to know where to park in Pilsen City Center to be close to Pilsen sightseeings and attractions? Read our guide and learn where are the best parking places in Plzeň Czech Republic.

Coming to Plzeň by a car

As Czech Republic is a wonderful country with stunning scenery, I do recommend coming by (or hiring) a car so that you can have the freedom to visit places, which are not so well reachable by train or bus. It saves you a lot of time and money, especially if you are traveling with kids. With the car you are also more flexible and you can use the opportunity to discover also the beauty of Plzeň region.

Where to park in Plzeň?

Plzeň as other big cities has to regulate the parking in Pilsen City Centre. Especially from Monday till Friday are parking places in Pilsen occupied by people working in Plzeň Centre or coming to Pilsen from neighbouring towns and villages.

All of the Pilsen tourist attractions are located within one area of Plzeň City Center. Therefore, the historical sightseeing places can be visited on foot. Fortunately, there are still enough parking places in Plzeň, but of course you have to pay for it.

Some of car parks accept card payments but payment at self-service machines is possible only by cash. Be sure that you have Czech currency.


Where to park in Plzeň center? You have following options for parking in Pilsen: indoor parking, parking places and on streets.

Car parks: indoor parking

There are 3 covered parking buildings in the City center: the first two of them are operated by Pilsen Municipality and the third one by shopping mall.

1) Multistorey car park Rychtářka: Truhlářská Street 5 (see the first image). The multi-storey parking house with a capacity of 367 parking places is located close to the historic center of Plzen (49.7500153N, 13.3806414E) and also close to soccer stadium in Štruncovy sady, Pilsner Urquell Brewery and Pilsen historical underground.

It is staffed by a security guards, monitored 24 hours a day and it is available non-stop. Parking fees: Mo – Fr: 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. CZK 10/hr (max. CZK 60 per 12 hr), Mo – Fr: 7 p.m. – 7 a.m. and weekends CZK 5/hr (max. CZK 40 per 12 hr).

2) Indoor parking New theatre: sady Pětatřicátníků 2972/35 (49.7497072N, 13.3728969E). New Theatre parking house is an underground parking facility combined with an above-ground car park. The entrance is from Sady Pětatřicátníků and from Pobřežní Street (one-way street). Pilsen’s historical centre is a five minute walk away. Parking fees: CZK 10/hr (max. CZK 60 per 12 hr).

3) Parking building in front of the shopping mall Plaza: Pobřežní 17, Plzeň (49.7491647N, 13.3707939E). Parking fees: 3 hours for free and then 30,- CZK / hour.

Car parks: outdoor parking

Besides of indoor car parks there are many open-air parking places near the Pilsen city center. See the map above to find the right one.

Pilsen (Plzeň) Czech Republic: 
How to park in the City of Pilsen (Plzeň)?

Parking in streets of Plzeň

You can also park on streets of Pilsen City Center, but some of them are only for residents. It is marked on the road sign. After parking you have to pick up the parking ticket in the parking machine and to place it behind the car window at a visible place. The parking fee is usually 30 CZK per hour and it is possible to pay only with Czech currency: coins and paper banknotes.

Download Map of Pilsen for free

The tourist PDF Map of Plzeň City Center includes main parking places and the key with description (in Czech, English and German languages) of the most interesting Pilsen attractions. It is easy to print on A4 or A3 formats.

How to get to Plzeň without a car?

The Czech Republic has one of the densest railway networks in Europe. If you decide to come to Pilsen by a train, bus or use a direct transfer from Prague airport to Plzeň, read our article about the most convenient ways, how to get to Plzeň.

It was an overview of parking options in Plzeň. I hope it was usefull for you. If you need more info leave your comment on our Facebook page.

Written by Šárka Novotná

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