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Best Cafes in Pilsen: where are the top sweetest coffee shops in Pilsen (Plzeň) Czech Republic?

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Where to drink the best coffee or espresso in Pilsen (Plzeň)? You will find plenty of excellent coffee shops in Pilsen. Especially on the Republic Square between Zbrojnická and Pražská streets, where you can sit in the front garden and observe the life around you. We have listed our personal favorit cafes in Pilsen serving great coffee and all kinds of sweet stuff. ✿

Plzeň (in German and English called Pilsen) is a City located in the western part of Czech Republic, only 90 km far from the Czechia Capital City Prague. And it is worldwide known for the excellent Pilsner Beer. If you feel that you definitely need to take break from your Pilsen beer tour you came to the right place. We find for you the best coffee shops in Pilsen. As locals we know which Pilsen cafe is the most popular and we keep following review fresh.


Terraza is a coffee bar in Plzen, Czech Republic. It is located at nám. Republiky 33, Plzeň, Czechia. It has a rating of 4.5 stars on Google Maps.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy a drink or a meal with a view, Terraza is a great option.

Terraza is situated on the roof of the hotel Central on the main square in Pilsen, so it has a wonderful view of the most famous Pilsen attraction: Cathedral of St. Bartholomew.

Caffee Terraza offers a variety of drinks, including coffee, tea, cocktails, and beer. They also have a selection of food items, such as sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

It is very popular spot for both locals and tourists.

The entrance to this Pilsen café is from Riegrova Street. Take the elevator to the 6th floor.

Pilsen coffee shops

Cafe Fellini: coffee shop Pilsen

Located on the Republic Square this cafe is the right choice for those who want to take a coffee break during the walk through the historic center. Cafe Fellini is probably the most famous cafe in Pilsen because of the generous and cute space, complete with a huge offer of cakes, ice cream flavors and sundaes.

Open Mo-Fr: 8am-10pm, Sa-Su: 9am-10pm.
Republic Square 7, Plzeň. Web page.

Pilsen coffee shops: Cafe Fellini in Plzeň offers all kind of desserts in a pleasant interior.

Cafe Fellini is on Republic Square.

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Pilsen cafe: Cafe Vídeň

Similar to cafes in downtown Vienna, you will be close to the city center in this small coffee shop. The calm and pleasant atmosphere helps you to enjoy your cake and cappuccino. Dare to compare the Sacharecake from this Pilsen cafe with ones from Vienna!

Open Mo-Fr: 9am-6pm, Sa: 11am-5pm, Su: 1pm-5pm.
Dominikánská 5, Plzeň. Facebook page.

Pilsen coffee shops: Cafe Vídeň is a stylish Vienna cafe located in Pilsen Center.

Stylish Cafe Vídeň

Pilsen Coffee shop: Café-bar Strouha

This is really a cool place. The cafe is worthy of visit, especially because of the romantic location beside the small lake in the Pilsen Center called "Mlýnská strouha" meaning “Millstream” in English. The lake is also one of the Pilsen unique attractions.

We only wish their choice of cakes could be little bit bigger.

Pallova 1, Plzeň, ☎ +420 736 477 733.
See the review on tripadvisor.

Coffee shops in Pilsen: Like in the Venice you will feel in the Café-bar Strouha.

Much like a cafe in Venice, the Café-bar Strouha is located in the most beautiful park in Plzeň Centre.

The Fresh Bar on the Pilsen Main Square

The Fresh Bar on Republic Square in Pilsen is a little bit different cafe. It is popular from the first day. And we don´t wonder.

The bistro offers not only good coffee but also a quality food. You can find here fresh juices, smoothie, salads, sandwiches and homemade cakes. This Pilsen cafe use Bio ingredients and ingredients from local farmers.

Náměstí Republiky 28, Plzeň
Open daily: 7.30 am - 7 pm
See The Fresh Bar on Instagram.

Best Pilsen cafes: The Fresh Bar on Republic Square in Plzeň.

The Fresh Bar in Pilsen offers coffee, cakes, smoothie and other kinds of healthy food.

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Pilsen coffee shop "Start UP coffee": if you are looking for something comfortable

When I first entered into this cafe I knew that this is what I am a long time looking for: a beautiful quiet place with cozy leather sofas and armchairs. You know I hate these all crowded coffee shops with plastic chairs where you feel as in a canteen.

In this new established cafe you will find many kinds of prepared coffee, including alternative methods as VACUUM POT, CHEMEX or MOKA PRESS COFFEE. They have also good choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, excellent home-made lemonades, pizzas and delicious desserts.

Palackého 14, Plzeň
Open Mo-Fr: 7 am- 6 pm
See the beautiful choice of cakes on their Facebook page here.

Coffee shops in Pilsen

Start UP coffee in Plzeň offers excellent coffee and cakes.

It was a tour through the best coffee shops in Pilsen Czech Republic. I tried to introduce my favorite places where you can have a great coffee and something small to eat. Did you miss any information? Do you have your own recommendation of Pilsen coffee shop? I would be glad to receive your feedback on our Facebook page. Thanks a lot.

Written by Šárka Novotná

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