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Pilsen shopping malls: find the best shopping center in Plzeň Czech Republic

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Do you plan shopping in Plzeň? Do you know what are the most popular items which travellers love to shop in Czech Republic?

Find the best shopping streets and malls with help of our guide. Learn more which Pilsen shopping store offers the most amazing shopping experience. Shop till you drop!

Shopping malls in the Czech Republic are closed during some of public holidays. Find out, in which days are stores closed and where to do shopping if necessary here »

What to buy in Pilsen?

Pilsner beer

Pilsen in Czech Republic is the City which is known as a hometown of famous Pilsner Beer. It is produced in Pilsner Urquell Brewery. And because beer is very cheap in Pilsen and you can find all kinds of beer with different flavors in Pilsen, don´t miss the oportunity to buy Pilsner Beer.

Pilsner Beer is available in cans or bottles, you can find also alcohol free and gluten free beers in all bellow listed Plzeň shopping malls. Buy Pilsner Urquell online here »

Bohemia crystal glassware

Czech Republic is worldwide known as a big producer of beautiful hand cutted Bohemia Crystal glasses, vases, decanters or even chandeliers like these »

Czech Spa wafers

Hot and fresh Kolonada wafers in a size of a small dinner plate you can taste when you visit Spa towns as Mariánské Lázně or Karlovy Vary near Plzeň.

Sweet Czech spa wafers are very classic Czech snack, they are thin and light. You can buy them in variety of flavours also in a grocery stores in Pilsen.

I recommend round wafers with nuts-cinnamon filling like these »

Here are the best places where you can enjoy shopping in Plzeň:

Plzeň Plaza: the nice Pilsen shopping mall in the city center

Plaza shopping mall is located in an attractive place near the historical Pilsen city center and is easily accessible by public transport or on foot. Outside the Plaza shopping center, there is a large park where a lot of musical events and festivals take place from spring to fall.

Plaza shopping center is a popular place especially among young people: Plaza Plzeň is shopping mall which lives. The shopping mall is quite new, you will find here nice shops as perfumery, jewelries, sport and fashion boutiques (Gant, Intimissimi, H&M), pharmacy and grocery, cafes, restaurants (also kid-friendly restaurant Artemis) and cinemas.

By the way, next to Plaza mall is an parking house with 3 hours parking for free.

Open Mo-Su: 9am-9pm
Radčická 2, Plzeň. Plaza web page.

Shopping in Plzeň: The pleasant shopping mall Plaza is located in Plzeň City Centre. Pilsen Einkaufen.

Plaza is one of the best shopping malls in Plzeň.

Olympia Plzeň: the No.1 shopping center in Pilsen

Olympia Shopping mall is located on the outskirts of Pilsen, close to the Prague - Nuremberg (Munich) Highway. It is the biggest shopping center in Plzeň with a lot of boutiques, cafes, restaurants, shops and cinemas. You will find shops like Swarovski, Marks & Spencer, CALZEDONIA and L'Occitane here. Unfortunately, its web page isn´t in English. ☹

Here are the biggest advantages of Olympia shopping mall:

  • a huge parking place for free
  • Pilsen city center easily assessible by trolleybus No. 13 (every 20-30 minutes)
  • Children's corner for entertainment of your kids and your quiet shopping time
  • a big grocery shop Albert
  • very well-functioning wifi for free

Open Mo-Su: 9am-9pm, grocery shop Albert: 7am-10pm.
Písecká 972/1, Plzeň 8-Černice. Olympia web page.

Pilsen Einkaufzentrum: Olympia Shopping Mall is the largest shopping center in Pilsen Czech Republic.

You will find fashion shops, cafes, restaurants and cinema in Olympia shopping center.

Apart from numerous shops and shopping centers in Plzeň, there are also traditional farmers markets in the Republic Square, taking place throughout the whole year. For more information and dates visit Pilsen events calendar.


Tesco Rokycanská Plzeň

Tesco (Rokycanská street) was maybe the first one of the big shopping malls in Plzeň. Coming to Pilsen from Prague you will not definitely miss it. It is not so huge as Olympia but you can find here a few fashion boutiques, sport shops, jewelries, a grocery shop, coffee shops, KFC and McDonald.

Tesco grocery shop is open almost non-stop.

Open every day 10am - 8pm, grocery shop TESCO: 6am-10pm.
Rokycanská 1424/128, Plzeň. Tesco web page.

Pilsen Einkaufszentrum.

Tesco is simple shopping mall in Plzeň with a sufficient choice of goods.

Would you like to explore awesome places in Pilsen which are known only by locals? So check our e-guides and maps »

Globus: the best grocery shop in Plzeň

Globus is my favorite supermarket in Pilsen. It is because of great choice of foodstuffs: bio and gluten-free stuff, international specialties and a lot of high quality German products.

Open every day: 8am - 9pm
Chotíkov 385, Plzeň-Chotíkov, GPS: 49°46′35.82″N 13°20′55.26″E. Globus web page.

Pilsen Einkaufszentrum.

Globus Plzeň

Flea markets in Plzeň

Flea markets in Plzeň is not only about finding the best deals, but also about the atmosphere. It's always a fun time looking through these markets and shopping of various interesting stuff. Flea markets in Plzeň take place every Saturday and Sunday from 5 am till 12 am and parking for visitors is not far from this area.

The shopping in flea markets in Pilsen is a little bit different experience than a shopping in luxury shops. It is an ideal trip for treasure hunters: you can find not only antiquities, military equipment and used things but also goods from small local farmers.

Flea markets in Pilsen belong to the most interesting shopping places in Plzeň.

Mezi stadiony, Plzeň
GPS: 49°44’15.987"N, 13°24’2.716"E

Open: Saturday and Sunday 5 am- 12 am, entry fee: USD 0.5

For more info visit the Web page of Flea markets in Plzeň.

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It was the virtual tour through the most interesting shopping malls, centers and shops in Plzeň. Did you find what you were looking for? We appreciate your comments and experience with above listed Pilsen shopping malls on our Facebook page.

Written by Šárka Novotná

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