Pilsner Beer

Pilsner Beer: history, secret recipe and ingredients of the famous Pilsner Urquell beer

Where does Pilsner Beer come from?

Pilsner Beer was born in Plzeň (Pilsen) Czech Republic. It is lager style beer which has been brewed in Pilsner Urquell Brewery the same way since 1842.

It is very brief borring Pilsner beer definition which you can find in every encyclopedia, fortunately the story of origin of Pilsner Urquell Beer is much more interesting.

If you would like to know what is Pilsner beer, why is Pilsner beer so unique and where to buy Pilsner beer, then keep reading. You will also discover the secret recipe, learn about Pilsen beer history and ingredients what is Pilsner beer made of.

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  2. Pilsner Urquell: History
  3. Difference between beer and lager
  4. What is Pilsner beer made of: ingredients
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#1 What is Pilsner Beer

There is only one Pilsner Beer and it´s name is Pilsner Urquell, known in Czech language as Plzeňský Prazdroj. You can be sure that if you buy Pilsner Urquell Beer anywhere in the world, it was produced in Pilsner Urquell Brewery in Plzeň, Czech Republic.

Pilsner beer was born in Plzeň. Its name is Pilsner Urquell beer and its is Pilsner lager beer.

This golden drink manufactured from the special local Czech ingredients as: Pilsen´s soft water, red hops from Žatec, malt and special brewer´s yeast gave a name Pils or Pilsener for all bottom fermented lagers.

Pilsner beer has been produced in the traditional way in Plzeň brewery since 1842, when it was first made by German brewer Josef Groll.

Pilsner beer meaning
To understand what does it mean Pilsner Urquell, we have to translate the name Pilsner Urquell from German language. "Pilsner" means coming from Plzeň and Urquell means "the Original Source".

#2 Pilsner Urquell: History

Pilsner beer wasn´t always so good as today.

The city of Plzeň has very strong breewing tradition. Beer has been brewed almost in every household in Plzeň since 1295 when the city was grounded. King Václav II. gave to 260 Pilsner citizens the right to brew the beer in this time. The privilege to make beer was very profitable financially, its allowed the holder to sell beer in his house.

Pilsners had been making beer without the necessary knowledge and education and they had often been improving the tastes by variety of ingredients. No wonder, that the quality of Pilsner beer was really horrible!

This lead to an unusual event: 36 barrels of disgusting Pilsner beer was poured out in front of Plzeň City Hall in February 1838.

The owners of the right to brew beer joined together and choose a special place for constructions of a new brewery: a place with sandstone underground for deep cellars and with a rich water source. The construction started in 1839. Then they invited a German master brewer Josef Groll to prepare German style lager beer. The taste of new brewed Pilsner beer was extraordinary! Probably because of unique Plzeň water. It was the year 1842 when the legendary Pilsner Beer was born.

The quality of the new born Pilsner beer was so extraordinary, that was very soon exported to Prague and later to Vienna.

    Pilsner Urquell Beer was very soon exported to Prague and later to Vienna.

Martin Salzmann, the founder of the most famous Plzeň Restaurant "U Salzmannů", used to be Pilsner freight transporter carrying the first barrel of the Pilsner beer to Prague in 1843.

Mr. Salzmann was originally bringing goods from Prague to Plzeň, but as the return trip to Prague would have been without a load, the owner of the Prague restaurant “U Pinkasů” asked him to bring back a load of the newly brewed Pilsner beer.

Pilsner beer is manufactured in Pilsner Urquell Brewery in Plzeň.

Cellars of Pilsner Urquell Brewery in Plzeň where Pilsner Beer is stored.

#3 Difference between beer and lager

Pilsner beer is manufactured in Pilsner Urquell Brewery in Plzeň.

Pilsner Beer is produced in Pilsner Urquell Brewery in Plzeň.

Pilsen: the City, where the famous Pilsner beer was born.

Plzeň Czech Republic

Read more about the City in Western Czechia well know for the Pilsner lager beer.

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