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About Šárka Novotná

Hi, I’m Šárka and I’m blogger behind Plzeň Guide. I live in Pilsen (Plzeň), Czech Republic and I am the mother of two young, energetic boys.

Because I live in Pilsen since my chilehood (with some breaks of course) and also traveled abroad I have a lot of knowledge about Pilsen, which are important for all tourists who are planning to visit our beautiful city. All our family and friends we love Plzeň and like sharing our experience and passion with others! So I have founded to help tourists to fall in love with Pilsen as well.

Šárka Novotná: the Founder of Plzeň Guide.


Plzeň Guide is a Tourist Information Website dedicated to Pilsen (Plzeň) Czech Republic. We want to share valuable tips with you and show you the beauty of Pilsen through authentic photos, reviews and events. So read more about Plzeň Guide.

Plzeň Guide was established for tourists who want to travel 
to Pilsen (Plzeň) Czech Republic and are looking for tourist information.

Czech Republic is an amazing country: we enjoyed the journey to Lipno lake in Southern Bohemia.

Do you miss any information? Feel free to send comments or suggestions to make this website better and more useful for travelers.

Contact details

Mrs. Šárka Novotná, Founder & General Manager

I hope you will get inspired and will enjoy your visit to Pilsen with help of our reccommendations.

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What are my other hobbies? I like creating websites, teaching SEO, traveling, eating and spending time with my kids.