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Plzeň public transport: how to buy a ticket by the cheapest way

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Welcome in Plzeň! You arrived to the City of Beer. And we want to help you to discover Pilsen by using of the public transport.

Pilsen public transport is very reliable, frequent, cheap and it takes you almost anywere. Read how much is the ticket, where and how to buy it, how to validate the ticket and more useful information about the public transport in Plzeň.

Public transport in Plzeň

The public transport infrastructure of Plzeň is very efficient and belongs to the best in the Czech Republic. And it is still being developed and improved.

You can travel by tram, bus and trolleybus in Plzeň. Or you can use a train to travel in Pilsen region. Public transportation (in czech language MHD) provides easy access in Plzeň town. Time tables are displayed at every stop.


There are 3 lines of trams in Plzeň: No.1, 2 and 4. They drive every 5-8 minutes during the day. Trams drive from early morning (5 am) till almost midnight (11.45 pm). Trams No. 1 and 2 are connecting the main railways station with the Main square. You need to go only two stops.

During the night (between 12 pm and 5 am) are trams substituted by night buses.

You can travel by bus, tram and trolleybus in Plzeň Czech Republic.

Tram is a very comfortable traffic mean in Plzeň.


Trolleybuses represent ecological type of transportation in Plzeň. Trolleybuses operating in Plzeň City are hybrid traffic means. Usually they are functioning on electric energy from the power line above, but they can also run for shorter distances (up to 12 km) on integrated batteries. This solution can prolong the outreach to places where the electric power line is missing.

Trolleybus is used for traveling in Plzeň Czech Republic.

Trolleybus is very similar to a bus; the only difference is that it is connected by 2 sticks on the roof with the electric power line above.


Buses are used mainly for the connections to suburb parts of Pilsen City and during the nights (marked with the letter N).

Tickets controls are very often in Plzeň; passengers without a valid ticket are obliged to pay a fine.


Tickets & Prices of transportation in Pilsen

Kids under 6 years of age travel for free. Children between 6-15 pay the reduced fare.

All actual information and prices are available on the website of Pilsen City Transport Company (PMDP).

How to buy and validate the ticket

For traveling by Pilsen public transport you can use tickets, electronic mini wallet or prepaid Pilsen Card. Pilsen Card is a special card issued mostly for citizens and because it takes some time and money to issue it we will speak only about tickets, which are more useful for tourists.

Paper ticket: non-transfer

Paper ticket is available by the driver of tram, bus or trolleybus. It is for one price 30 CZK and it is non- transfer, it means that it is valid only in that vehicle where you perforate it. You can also buy it for regular price 18 CZK (for adults) or 9 CZK (kids) at the main railway station (counter #10 ČD KURÝR in lobby), in information office at the Main Square or at shops where you can buy newspapers, for example the first shop on the right side when you enter Plaza shopping mall.

Tickets for public transport in Plzeň Czech Republic.

These paper tickets are non-transfer. If you change the traffic mean, the perforated ticket isn´t valid anymore.

Validation of the ticket: put the ticket to the mechanical machine the colored side towards you and move the black holder on the top with the ticket towards to you. The ticket must be perforated now.

Tickets for Plzeň public transportation.
Tickets for public transport in Pilsen Czech Republic.
Tickets for Plzeň public transport.

The ticket is perforated after the validation, you can see several holes on it. The ticket is non-transfer, it is valid only in that vehicle where you perforated it.

Transfer ticket

You can also buy a transfer ticket directly in the vehicle by using contactless bank card. Payment by the contactless bank card is available in all vehicles; the machine for contactless payment is situated near the second door of the vehicle: the door is labeled with a contactless payment sticker.

How to buy the ticket for Plzeň public transport.

You can see symbols of contactless payment on the machine situated in the middle of each vehicle.

First choose the time and price of the ticket you want to buy by touching the display. Then attach your bank card to the contactless payment point under the display. You will hear "PEEP" and your transfer ticket will be printed. You see the time of the purchase on the ticket.

Ticket for Plzeň (Pilsen) public transport.

The 60 min. transfer ticket costs around 20 CZK and it is valid also in another vehicle. But you may not exceed the time.

Map of Pilsen public transport

The PDF Map of Plzeň Public transport including routes and traffic means you can download here.

The inteactive map of Pilsen public transport is available here.

NO SMOKING: Smoking of tobacco products is prohibited at all stations of public transport in Czech Republic.


Traveling by the public transport in Plzeň is easy and comfortable. Be sure that you have a valid ticket. In case you would like to know more information don´t hesitate to contact us.

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Written by Šárka Novotná

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